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Our 2001 U9 Boys  playing in the Metroplex Soccer Alliance, finished 2nd PLACE in Division-B for the  Spring 2010 season.  Ending the season with 7 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses.  Scoring 43 goals and 21 against.  The year total; 78 goals & 31 against, 14w-3d-3l.  This is another major accomplishment for these boys since finishing 1st in the D bracket last season then moving up to the B.

GOOD JOB Team, Coaches & Parents!  Let’s continue to play for Success & Greatness in the Fall of 2010.



5/16/10-For the final game of the season the Crusaders FC 01 went to the home of the Ninjas who where determined to get a win against us.  The Ninjas brought their A-game holding the lead at half time 2-1.  Ninjas goal keeper, TJ had 4 great blocked shots only allowing 1 in by our own Lopez 20 yards out.  In the 2nd Half, Crusaders were determined to play for success.  Stoll, got an beautiful goal 30 yards out, Lopez got another goal 20 yards out and Daughtry got 2 goals outside the 18 with an assist from Stokes.  At one pont in the game we where down by 2 goals.  Even though there where some questionable calls by the referee, our guys fought till the end winning 5-3.  What a way to end the season!!  


5/15/10-Crusaders FC 01 traveled to the home of the U10 Hot Shots where they faced a much bigger team with some serious “home cooking” going on.  None of the calls went in our favor.  Our boys kept their composure through all the pushing & over aggressiveness.  The goal was scored by Daughtry with an assist from Stoll.   We are so proud of you all!


5/13/10-Crusaders FC 01 went into the home of the Panthers to pull a win 4-1.  Two goals where pulled away shockingly.  One, a beautiful cross from Lopez on the baseline pitch to Stokes running to the backdoor to meet the ball with a nice header, only for him to be called off-sides. (Video shows otherwise.)  Acosta as goal keeper kept the Panthers scoreless the 1st half touching the ball 5 times.  Even though Sanchez let 1 goal get by him, he too played well with a couple of hard charge saves.  Allen, Damon & Stoll played some of the best defense we seen all season forcing the Panthers to long range shots that had no effect.  Lopez had 1 goal and Daughtry with 2.  The forth was an own-goal on a bad header from a powerful pass from Stoll.  Stokes & Damon each had 1 assist.  Honorable Mentions are: Narvaez & Prieto for staying on-sides, playing hard and attacking the ball smart.    


5/1/10-Another close win against the Pirates at home 6-5.  Crusaders played with only 8 players the whole game.  Allen had 2 goals-1 assist, Lopez had 1 goal and Daughtry had 3 goals (hat trick) and 1 assist.  Damon & Stoll had 1 assist each also.  Goal keeper Stokes stopped 3 out of 7 shots and Acosta stopped 5 out of 6.  Once again, Damon lead the way with perfect throw-ins.  The boys played hard to the very end.  This was the best game played for some.


4/24/10-We faced the U10 Scorpions at home winning 6-0.  Another game with perfect throw-ins with Damon leading the way and no off-sides called the whole game.  Allen & Daughtry had 2 goals each and 1 assist each.  Sanchez had the longest goal of the year atleast 40 yards out.  Stoll had 1 assist and Goal Keeper Stokes had 8 stop shots on goal.  Mosier & McGowan came so close to scoring their 1st goal for the season.  Allen, Damon, Sanchez & Stoll played some great defense! 


4/20/10-Crusaders FC 01 went against the smaller but talented U8 Ninjas at home winning 5-2.  The boys played a pretty well balanced game.  1st half Goal Keeper, Acosta, played a stellar game stopping 8 of 9 shots including a PK.  Goals where scored by Allen, Acosta, Sanchez and Lopez with 2.  Daughtry had 3 assist, Stoll & Allen both had 1.  The whole team had a perfect game with every throw-in being done correctly, Damon having the most.  2nd half Goal Keeper, Stokes, had another great game stopping 6 out of 7 shots on goal.  Two off-sides and 1 foul for the game.  That’s a major improvement.  Great Job!


4/10/10-Our Crusaders FC 01 took their 1st lost against one of the bigger U10 teams in the Metroplex, the Hotshots.  With a close game at 3-2.  Daughtry had both goals.  Goal Keepers Stokes stopped 9 out of 10 shots on goal & Sanchez stopped 8 out of 10.  It was a tough lost but the boys played hard till the end.  We are so proud of you all!


3/27/10-We faced a very fast defensive U10 Panther team at home winning 5-0.  Allen had 1 goal, Lopez & Stoll both had 2.  Acosta had 1 assist with Daughtry having 2.  Allen, Damon, Sanchez & Stoll all played some great defense. 


3/13/10-Crusaders FC 01 played the U10 Scorpions away, defeating them 6-0.  Goals where scored by Allen, Daughtry & Prieto.  Lopez also scored a Hat Trick (3 goals).  Acosta, Allen, Stokes & Stoll all had assists with Daughtry having 2.  Damon & Stoll really stepped up their defensive game while new comers McGowan and Mosier performed well as new Crusaders!  Sanchez & Stokes couldn’t have played a better game as Goal Keepers stopping all 12 shots on goal.  Keep up the good work guys and continue to play for success.


3/6/10– Crusaders FC 01 faced the bigger U10 Pirates away with a tied game 3-3.  Everyone played hard till the end and never gave up.  Impressive defensive skills where performed by Damon, Stoll and Allen.  Daughtry had an Hat Trick scoring all 3 goals for the Crusaders with an assist from Acosta.  Goal Keepers Sanchez & Stokes did an awesome job with 19 stops.  We are so proud of you all!  Let’s play for success!     


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